Toy Story Themed Birthday Party with Printables

My son loves Toy Story.  He is obsessed with Woody, Buzz and Jessie.  I thought it was only appropriate to throw him a Toy Story themed birthday party!

To make the invitation, I used this digital scrapbooking kit and designed it with My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Software.  You can download the My Memories Software hereOur readers can save $10 off the price of their software with the code STMMMS31670, making it only $29!
 You can also copy and paste this invite and make your own changes to it.


I designed and printed off each letter and attached it to a ribbon using a clothespin.  You can download this printable birthday banner for free here.

You can print off cute printables copied from Andy’s room in Toy Story, here.  I hung mine by tying them to a long piece of burlap ribbon.

I bought a package of army men from the dollar store and tied them to a long piece of fishing wire then strung them around.

I love balloons but hate dealing with spending money to fill them with helium or to tape them up all over the place.  We blew up some balloons and tied a piece of fishing wire to a needle and threaded it through the end of each balloon.  So easy to hang!  I found the cow patterned balloons on eBay, but you can find Toy Story themed balloons at most party supply stores, and even WalMart.

I bought a lined, red table cloth from the dollar store and used red and blue utensils and supplies for the table.


We played Toy Story Bingo!

I made a variety of 8 different playing cards.  You can print all of the cards off here.

Of course there had to be prizes!

 Each Bingo winner got to save something from the box headed to Sunnyside Daycare!

During the party, each person took a guess at how many “cow pies” were in the jar.  The person who guessed the closest got to take it home as a prize!

 I used Whoppers, but any brown candy would work!

You can copy and paste this to print off your own “cow pies” game!


 We drank “Alien Juice!”

You can copy and paste, then print this drink label to have “Alien Juice” at your party!  I just opened a landscape Word document and made this as big as possible on one page and attached it to each bottle using clear shipping tape.

We also made Mr. Potato Head Cupcakes!  I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with our yummy cupcake filling and set them out so everyone could decorate their own cupcake.  I also used our perfect buttercream icing recipe for the frosting.  My husband experimented with food coloring until we got a light brown(ish) color, to look like Mr. Potato Head.

The kids loved picking out their own toppings and decorating their cupcakes!

Here is what you’ll need:

Chocolate licorice cut into bite-sized pieces for eyebrows.

Yogurt covered raisins with black cake icing for pupils for eyes.

Candy orange slices for noses (we actually ended up cutting them in half so they fit better on the cupcakes).

Chocolate licorice cut into 1.5″ pieces for mustaches.

Gummy Lifesavers cut in half for mouths.

Candy fruit slices for shoes.

You can print out the Mr. Potato Head cupcakes labels here.

And of course, it isn’t a birthday with out a little ice cream, singing, and blowing out candles!

Hope you have a great party, too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing such great ideas! When he is ready head over to for their Toy Story preschool learning pack. They have some awsome free printables. My daughter is also obsessed so we printed them, put them in page protectors then a 3 pronged folder. Now she has a dry erase book of Toy Story to play with when ever she wants.
  2. Allison Ryan
    Hello, I am a party planner and make vision boards for clients. I have a client interested in a Toy Story theme. I would love to include some of the pictures from your party as inspiration. The pictures will link to your site too. Would this be okay?

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