The Six Sisters’ Pantry Staples List

We focus on creating recipes with foods that are already found in your pantry, so you don?t have to go out and buy a huge list of ingredients. We are always asked what kinds of foods we have in our own pantries, so we put together this list of our pantry staples. It may not be the same for everyone, but these are items that the Six Sisters? just can?t live without!

The Six Sisters? Pantry Staples

Baking Supplies:

All-purpose flour

Granulated Sugar

Brown Sugar

Powdered Sugar

Baking Soda

Baking Powder

Chocolate Chips

Cake Mix

Sweetened Condensed Milk


Peanut Butter


Cooking Spray





Garlic Salt

Onion Powder

Italian Seasoning



Red Peppers


Chili Powder






Cooking Supplies:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vegetable Oil


Chicken Broth

Beef Broth

Cream of Chicken Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Canned Tuna

Canned Black Beans

Canned Chili

Canned Corn

Canned Pineapple Chunks

Canned Mandarin Oranges

Tomato Paste

Tomato Sauce

Pasta Sauce


Taco Seasoning

Onion Soup Mix

Ranch Dressing Packets

Salad Dressing (we always have Italian dressing on hand)




Bread Crumbs


Jell-o  (a must-have in Utah! 😉 )

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12 Responses to “The Six Sisters’ Pantry Staples List”

  1. LuAnn Braley
    Seems like a pretty comprehensive list...which is good, because it's not fun to be in the middle of a recipe and realize you don't have enough of a certain staple ingredient. I hear you on the Jello. We lived in Utah for 27 years. We moved 16 years ago but we still have to have our Jello!
  2. It is interesting to see what is another person's staple. It is close to my own list ;0) I make most of our dressings, sauces, and mixes from scratch due to food intolerances. We also love to make our own Chinese food so my pantry I would take away a lot of the canned goods and sauces you mentioned (because we can't eat them) and add in red wine vinegar, Sesame seed oil, olive oil, soy sauce, worchesshire (spelled that wrong) sauce, ketchup, lemons, cream of tartar...those are a few of the essentials my pantry needs!!!!!!!! With those added ingredients and I can make great Chinese marinades and sauces, bbq sauce, taco seasoning, Italian dressing and more!
  3. I also keep instant pudding on hand, both chocolate and vanilla. There are chocolate chip cookies that I make that uses pudding to keep them moist. Great for cakes too! And I always have to have sour cream in the cooking with sour cream which is also great for baking!
  4. Stephanie Beard
    love this list...& everyone's here is mine... Greek yogurt smoked paprika roasted garlic(I buy the big bag of garlic @big box store, roast it in EVOO, drain most EVOO into cooking oil bottle, chop the garlic into smaller chunks,,,keeps a long time because of the remaining oil) goes into nearly everything! Love, Love, LOVE it!!!
  5. Brandette W.
    Ohh, you did good on this post, so fun to read your suggestions and all of the comments. I have all of these on hand as well, cooking from scratch at home requires a stocked pantry and I love to have everything within my reach easily! I would also like to add: boxed brownie mix, cans/jars of diced jalapenos & green chile's, can pumpkin, kraft mac n cheese, white wine vinegar & apple cider vinegar, jelly, cocoa powder, raisins, italian dressing mix packets, bread flour, Frank's buffalo sauce, Lifehouse basil & dill, mayo, Plotchman's yellow mustard. Also, because I cook primarily at home since we eat out rarely, I have a plethora of spices that I buy in bulk at Sam's/Costco. I use a lot of granulated garlic, dry minced onions, minced garlic in water, McCormick's Grill Mates.
  6. Have you considered using dry beans instead of canned? They're cheaper and really easy to cook in the crock pot. Except kidney beans because they need to be cooked on the stove. You don't want to eat too many canned products because the lining of the can contains BPA, a known endocrine disruptor.

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