Shark® Rocket Vacuum and Steam & Spray Mop GIVEAWAY!

Raising six girls with very thick hair, a huge long-haired St. Bernard who liked to run inside whenever he got the chance, and cleaning up after our “crafting” and “concocting”, our mom is a skilled cleaner. She has gone through a lot of different brands of vacuums and mops. They’d get clogged, lose suction, start smelling like something was burning, break in her hands, or cost a an arm and a leg to repair. A few years ago, she finally found one she fell in love with. I remember visiting one weekend after being away at school, and she told me “WATCH THIS!” The floor looked pretty clean, but I know our dog had recently been inside. After vacuuming the front room, she detached the dust cup (where it collects all the dirt and hair) and emptied it straight into the garbage can. It was amazing how much hair it had picked up! She told me it was like she was cleaning up dirt and hair she’d been missing for years with her other vacuums. (I paraphrased, but this conversation really, completely, 100% actually happened). From that point on, she has always stood by her Shark vacuum!

There’s one thing you should know about us – when one of us swears by a product, the rest of us do, too! When my sisters found out I was getting engaged last year, the first thing Kristen said to me was “Can I buy you your first vacuum?!” After talking to my mom, Kristen had recently bought a Shark Vacuum and mop, and seriously couldn’t get enough of it. From there it spread to the rest of us. Camille and Elyse bought steam mops, and I – of course – got my very first Shark Vacuum the day of my wedding. To say we love Shark is a bit of an understatement. But, when you find a product that works for you, you stick with it!

We ran into Shark at Alt Summit in Salt Lake City, and we couldn’t help but gush about how much we loved their products. They showed two of their newest products – The Rocket and the PRO Steam & Spray Mop.

You guys.

They are amazing.

The Rocket vacuum is leaner and lighter (less than 8 pounds), but still does the job (and more!) of a full-sized vacuum. With it’s dual power settings, it can go from deep cleaning carpet and rugs, right to bare floors!  It is specifically designed to quickly go from an upright to a handheld vacuum, making it easier for you to clean stairs, cars, couches, and other small messes. Add to that it’s swivel-steering, no loss of suction or power, and convenient wall-mount storage (perfect for my small apartment!) – and it really is an incredible machine.


The Shark Steam & Spray Mop is no less impressive! When we were little, we watched our mom scrub our tiled entry way, dining room, kitchen and laundry room  on her hands and knees. We’d have to wait until it was completely dry to even think about walking on it, and even then – you could feel the stickiness on your feet. In the past, that was the only way you could get a real deep clean. Since then, technology has definitely advanced – and with the technology on the Steam & Spray – you will never need to get down on your hands and knees again. The Steam & Spray Professional has intelligent steam control, so there is no need to pump the handle to release it. Their cleanser is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use around kids and pets – and gets your wood & other hard floors 99.9% sanitized – with NO RESIDUE!  And you have the option of using disposable or washable pads.

From wood, to linoleum, to tile – it gets the job done!

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371 Responses to “Shark® Rocket Vacuum and Steam & Spray Mop GIVEAWAY!”

  1. My least is scrubbing the toilet....all parts of the toilet - front, back, bowl...etc. My toilet sits in a small cubbyhole, making it hard for me to reach around the back. For the vacuum, I would love it, too. My little dust buster just doesn't do the job.
  2. Aubree Egbert
    I am in need of a new vacuum and mop so bad!! My hair blew up our old vacuum so I have been using my shop vac which doesn't work so well on carpet and places where there is lots of hair! :) and so that would have to be my least favorite chore, but that could change if I won! :D
  3. I was telling my husband two days ago that I really wanted this!! My favorite is cleaning the kitchen..I don't know what it is about a clean kitchen, but it makes me feel a little better about the rest of my messy house! My least favorite is the bathroom and dirty toilets, need I say more?! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Fingers crossed!
  4. Jessica
    I hate dog hair, we have a german shepherd and it is the worst. And i have long thick curly hair that I lost a lot of this past year due to renal failure and it is everywhere. Anything to make that job easier would be great hahah
  5. Debbie Mrosla
    My worst chore is cleaning my ceramic floors. I used to have a shark steam mop. It was the original one that came out. I need a new one. My husband was going to buy me the vacuum and I didn't want it for my birthday :). Now I am seeing it everywhere and I am kicking myself :(
  6. Debbie Mrosla
    My least favorite chore is cleaning my ceramic floors. I used to have the original shark steam mop. I miss it. I have been seeing that vacuum everywhere since my husband wanted to buy it for me for my birthday and I didn't want it. At least not for my birthday :)
  7. Kelly Cossey
    I have always LOVED my Dyson, but after watching the infomercial for Shark, I'm thinking my 10 year old Dyson needs to go. I enjoy vacuuming and the Shark will make it even more fun!! Especially with the hair left by our 2 cats and dog. The floor will be so much cleaner!
  8. Diane Taylor
    Ok so I have seen the infomercials for the Shark products - and well, I'll be honest, I have my Dyson bought in 2003 when I got married and I still love it. BUT.....those infomercials always got me thinking......are they better than Dyson? I'd love to find out!!!
  9. Julie Padilla
    With four kids, 2 dogs and worst of all a husband, you would think I disliked (trying to teach kids not to use hate, therefore I shouldn't either lol...) cleaning everything, suprisingly the only thing I really really really dislike, as my 5 year old would say, is folding socks!! I've resorted to just leaving them in the laundry basket and letting them everyone sort them out themselves. Although I have been asking for the shark vacum, to make cleaning everything else much eaiser!!
  10. We have a BIG black lab fur machine named Murphy and I love every hair on her but not on my floors. So I would say vacuuming and mopping the floors thorughout the house is the chore I dislike most but also seem to do the most, almost every day! Love those Shark products!
  11. Linda K.
    Don't have 6 sisters - only 3 cats & me! That's quite a lot to be cleaning up after Every. Single. Day. Sure using a heavy vacuum is good for a workout, but my mind doesn't work that way. I avoid the vacuum until the dust bunnies are running amock throughout the house (this takes approx. 24-36 hours). And mopping - I HATE it. The steam mop would be a dream come true for me!!! ~ lmk
  12. Kim Button
    My least favorite chore right now is mopping the floors because I haven't been able to find a good mop to replace my old one that I used for years. I've bought and tried several and then find out I've wasted my money yet again. I would love to try out a free steam mop!!
  13. Diana K
    I don't have a job I hate doing, but I am sufficiently challenged with keeping our tile floor in our kitchen and dining room area clean. I swear I could sweep and mop three times a day and it shows the dirt too good. I am challenged at keeping the laundry done and folded. We have a large family so there is a lot of laundry, but also many hands to help. I love doing dishes because it is so awesome to get them done and step back and see results! I would be blessed to win the Rocket-Shark Vacuum!
  14. Lori Steininger
    Least favorite would be cleaning the kitchen floors. The kitchen is the hub of our home. With 2 young boys and a hairy dog, keeping the floor clean is a constant chore. This combo from Shark would make a huge difference in the time I spend keeping my home clean!
  15. I would love to win the Steam and Spray mop. We have a ton of Pergo flooring and this seems like it would be so much easier than mopping with a mop like a do now. I have to come behind the mop and dry the floors with a towel so there aren't water marks. It kills my back.
  16. Okay, I have more than one least favorite chore. Scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom is not fun. And dusting is the chore that never ends. And then taking apart my vacuum to clean filters and everything else that almost gets clogged after vacuuming the fine dust that makes up New Mexico and finds its way into my house....'nuf said.
  17. Vaccuming and Mopping daily i have dark wood floors and three dogs if its not the hair (i swear there is an extra dog somewhere in this house) its foot prints i drive everyone nuts trying to keep up...P.S. i have killed a few Vaccums with all the dog hair they have to be tough to make it here :)

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