Halloween Wood Candy Corn Craft Tutorial

I found these cute candy corn at Wood Creations, and made them for around $5.00!
Here are the steps:
Started with my unfinished wood.
Painted it with acrylic paint.
Sanded all the edges.
Used wood glue to glue each piece together.
And you’re done!¬† So easy, inexpensive and cute!
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  1. Hi Kalyn! I know that they have shipped out before, it just is very expensive. They are currently working on a way to set it up so that people can purchase stuff online and have it shipped, but for now they are just trying to get their little business going. They shipped these little candy corn out to Philadelphia and the shipping cost was $10! Crazy. Anyway, I would suggest talking to Missy (she is the manager) or Kory (he is the owner). Tell them you found out about them from our blog and let them know you are willing to pay the shipping costs. Good luck!

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