4 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

I was looking for a new kind of peanut butter cookie and I ran across this one. I really didn’t think that only using 4 ingredients would work! (Especially with no flour!)

They were so easy and they tasted really good! I was very impressed and my kids were in heaven!
Recipe from PBS

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  1. I have made these before. It’s the recipe that used to be printed on the labels of Skippy peanut butter. They are good, my go-to recipe if I ever need cookies in a pinch and don’t have time to make my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe which has more ingredients and is a bit more involved. =)

  2. I Tried This Recipe Out This Morning And Followed The Instructions Except For I Substituted Sugar For Splenda. The Only Problem I Seem To Have Is For Some Reason The Cookies Are Really Fragile, And When You Bite Into It, Its Like Dust Or Powder. I Cant Figure Out What I Did Wrong, Am I Supposed To Beat The Egg BEFORE Mixing Everything Together? Thats The Only Thing I Can Think Of. Any Help Or Thoughts Would Be Very Appreciated.
    I Did The Splenda Because My Grandfather Is Highly Diabetic, But Has A Weakness To Sweets, And Peanut Butter.

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