30 Delicious Tin Foil Dinners

When my Dad was little, he loved playing sports, going camping and doing “outdoor” stuff with his brother. I think he would have laughed right out loud if he knew he was going to have 6 girls later on in life. He taught us many things like how to kick a ball and how to swing a bat left handed.  He also taught us how to cook tin foil dinners over the fire. This was one of my most favorite things to do with my family.  My little family has continued that tradition. We love going camping or to a fire pit just to cook food over the fire. We are planning to go soon and I am excited to try some of these delicious Tin Foil Dinners.

Beef and Potato Dinner

Veggies with Olive Oil

Egg Sausage Scramble

Chicken and Mushrooms

Chicken Fajitas (2)

Chicken Enchiladas

Apples by the Fire Recipe

Caramelized Apples

Cheesy Campfire Potatoes

Grilled Sausage with Potatoes and Green Beans Recipe

Sausage, Potatoes, and Beans

Barbecued Salmon

BBQ Salmon

Chicken, Beef and Veggie foil dinner

Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Campfire Chili Cheese Fries


Grilled Parmesan-Ranch-Chicken Packs

Parmesan Chicken Ranch

BBQ Beef

Foil Apple Crisp

Santa Fe Chicken 

Grilled Cheddar Burgers and Veggies Packs

Grilled Cheddar Burgers

Grilled Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart Sandwich Loaf

Grilled Ham and Cheese Pull-Apart

Monkey bread camping recipes for kids

Campfire Monkey Bread

Low Fat Beef Stew

Foil packet chicken deliciousness

Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli

Beef, Soup and Potatoes

Salmon and Asparagus

foil packet peaches for the grill

Cooked Peaches


Steak and Veggies

Add chili and lemon

Baked Lemon Salmon

Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls

Mini Meatballs

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26 Responses to “30 Delicious Tin Foil Dinners”

  1. Katie Winn
    Thank you for featuring my recipe! I was wondering if you could change the link perhaps? The blog it's linked to is no longer active as I am now self hosted. The updated link is http://somethingwinnderful.com/foiled-wrapped-chicken-deliciousness/ I would appreciate is so much! Thanks again for using my post! Katie
  2. What a nice collection of recipes for cooking in foil! With all due respect: When was the last time you were able to buy Tin Foil? Most boxes correctly say Aluminum Foil! Tin and aluminum are two different elements on the chemical periodic scale and tin has a much lower melting point than aluminum. Some have observed that the title might be an editor's a careless mistake, in using a regional dialect term.
    • I think everyone who reads this knows that aluminum foil is what was being referenced. With all due respect: When was the last time you didn't feel the need to state the obvious just to feel intelligent? Everyone who has read your post is dumber for it, I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
    • Melissa P.
      Wow....just wow. I may have just found this post and am a bit late to the comment party.....but what an utterly sanctimonious, overbearing, know-it-all, and wenchy comment. I found this post by searching for "tin foil dinners", and I am fully aware its made from aluminum. However, since childhood I've heard it referred as such, and most people I know refer to it as such or know what you are talking about. It isn't a "careless mistake", nor is it a "regional dialect term". It is an idoim that persists in our everyday jargon, much like calling all facial tissues "kleenex", or "q-tips" for cotton swabs. Seriously, get over it...and yourself. And these recipes are great, BTW, and will come in handy this summer for our GS camp!
  3. Christal Bevans
    These are awesome recipes!! We love to boat and camp all summer so excited to try something new!!! and I am SO excited I get to listen to you girls speak at our seminar in Salt lake next thursday at ARI womens luncheon super excited!!
  4. Colleen
    Okay, here is a real challenge for you. During the summer we go out as many weekends as possible on the boat. We have a very small grill, and I am tired of the hamburgers, hot dogs and quesadillas. Now, all of the ingredients have to go out in the cooler to be completed on the grill. Have any special ideas?
    • On the homepage of our blog click on Recipe Index and then click on the Grilling tab. We have a lot of delicious chicken kabobs and all sorts of easy recipes you could have prepared and keep in the cooler until grilling time. Hope this helps!

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