30 Back to School Breakfast Ideas

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  1. Do you really feed your children any of these meals? 90% of them are loaded with sugar. These are not the type of breakfast offerings I would recommend to anyone. I would feel guilty feeding most of these recipes to my Grands! Please give us 30 breakfast meals that are good for children and won't make them hyper and inattentive at school
  2. I think these are all wonderful ideas,,, you can rotate them with other breakfast options to make breakfast a wonderful start for the day for anybody. I love all of the recipes that these women work so hard to provide. Using these along with cereals, and eggs, or even just toast makes for a healthy week of breakfast. Nobody said to eat them every morning... use some common sense!
  3. Trista Garza
    Y'all need to chill out! These are ideas! Take the good with the bad. I would not feed my girls these recipes all the time, but these "ideas" got me thinking of ways to make these recipes a more healthy way! But honestly, I don't know a kid who wouldn't love to wake up to oreo pancakes! I would make that for myself!
  4. Carole Ingram
    Trista Garza.... my initial thought was the same as the other posters, not the healthiest of recipes that's for sure , especially for breakfast but there are several occasional "treat" breakfast ideas that I'd love to make for my girls, and probably modify to make them even healthier.
  5. Diabetic Snacker Reviews
    While I too agree these all seem high in fat & sugar it's still nice to see them posted. Maybe everyone needs to read a recipe like I do. You read it knowing you're going to replace the sugar with a healthier choice like agave nectar, honey.... You also know you're going to replace the white flour & most of the fats with more wholesome ingredients.
  6. stephanie
    SWEET! these r awesome ideas, I have 4 boys and 2 of which r twins I run out of ideas all the time for breakfast. I love these oreo pancakes! All my kids love this! Wow , there only little for a little while so sugar them up and spoil them ! They love this stuff, if u have an over weight kid .....not a good idea for them :(
  7. I googled breakfast ideas for kids and when I saw the title i jumped for joy with the 30 possibilities that lay ahead. While I see both sides of the comments posted above, understanding what I do about the affects of sugar on kids, adults, mice, pretty much anything living, I have to say that targeting this post towards children is crazy. As parents we all get to make our own decision about how we feed out children. I am not heat to lecture anyone but if this is how kids are being fed, I now understand why my son comes home from preschool and tells me how crazy some of the kids are. Sugar is one of the worst things you can give your body. I'd like to see a follow-up to this post with some more healthy options, like homemade breakfast bars with yogurt, breakfast burritos with whole wheat tortillas, Greek yogurt pancakes, etc. Or kids deserve more than junk food!

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