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I don’t know about you, but Back-To-School time gets crazy around my house. School starts up, dance classes start, soccer season is in full swing . . . it is so busy! I love my crock pot because I can prep the meal in the morning and when I come home, it is ready to eat! We use our slowcooker to make dinner a couple of times a week. I found some easy and delicious recipes that I wanted to try and decided to share them with you too!

Crock Pot Hamburger Patties (who would have thought?? Brilliant!)
And a couple recipes from our blog . . . these are tried and true favorites of ours!!
Slow Cooker Refried Beans (great for making bean burritos)
(and two other recipes! This mom actually did all the prep work for these crock pot meals, threw it in the freezer, and then all she had to do was dump the ingredients into her crock pot and turn it on. I am going to have to try this!)
And of course you need dessert . . .

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37 Responses to “25 Delicious SLOW COOKER RECIPES”

  1. Found you through Pinterest! I've been looking for a good crock pot beef stew recipe. Can't wait to try yours!
    Did you know that you can link your photos to the recipes as well as make the links that go to other blogs open in a new window? That way, people won't have to leave your blog to check out the recipes of others! Pretty cool! :)
  2. I think you should replace the Orange Chicken photo with a photo of what the chicken will actually look like.. Which is absolutely nothing like the chicken you have pictured here. The Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken is AMAZZZIIINNNGGGGGGGGG. The Cranberry Chicken smells absolutely horrific.. But let me be the one to tell you that it is divine. I just finished cooking the Chicken Taco Soup and it smells great.
  3. My boyfriend eats this like he's been starving for a month. It's a huge hit with him.

    Chicken & Potato casserole
    -2 to 3 chicken breasts, cubed or shredded (I cook mine ahead of time, then add to crock pot)
    -1 can corn, or 1 bag frozen corn
    -1/2 bag frozen cubed potatoes/American fries/cubed hashbrowns/breakfast potatoes
    -1 can cream of chicken
    -8 to 10 oz. sour cream
    -1/2 to 1 cup shredded cheese (depends how much you like cheese!)
    -chopped onion (optional, as much as you want)
    -garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste

    cook on low 5 hours

    Another variation that he gobbles up is omitting the potatoes and adding an extra can of cream of chicken or adding a can of cream of mushroom (adds a different taste) and pouring it over biscuits as a gravy. :)

  4. I made the orange chicken in the crockpot last night and it did NOT look anything like the picture, I followed the recipe exactly! It didn't taste good at all and my husband and I ended up ordering pizza instead. I am not a bad cook, everything I try comes out great and this is the first one that didnt. Very disappointed cause the picture looked so good, but thats not what we got!
  5. I tried the orange chicken recipe and had to throw it out. It was awful! I was wondering if the writer of the recipe left out some ingredients. Mine was a thin yellow hideous color and tasted hideous---way too bitter. Didn't have a thick glaze at all. Can someone please double check this recipe? I even tried to "fix" the whole mess, but couldn't make it taste good. Sorry.

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