Picture Gallery Wall Tutorial

I have been seeing picture gallery walls all over the place, and decided it was time to make one!  I am loving all of the fun frames you can find now, so I headed over to The Wood Connection to find the perfect frames for my gallery wall.
The Wood Connection offers the widest selection of hand-cut wood furniture and crafts in Utah!  They currently have 3 locations in Utah and are growing rapidly.  You can check out all of their products on their blog or website!
(If you don’t live in Utah, you can find hand-cut frames similar to these at Hobby Lobby or Michaels.)
Here is how I made my gallery wall:
Step 1:  Trace your frames.  After you find the frames you want to put on your gallery wall, trace them onto paper so you get an idea of how you want to arrange them.  It is best to do this before you paint your frames (if necessary) so you don’t get pencil on the edge of your frames from tracing.  Use painters tape to attach your tracings to your wall and move them around until you get the look you want.
Step 2:  Paint/sand frames.  I used acrylic paint and sponge brushes to paint my frames.  I used 3 coats of paint on each frame.  You could also use a few coats of spray paint on each frame if you are short on time.  After the paint dried completely, I sanded down the edges and front of the frames to make them look slightly worn.
Step 3:  Hang your frames.  I used 3M Command Hanging Strips.  The strips come in sets of two.  One side of the set is attached to the back of the frame and the other is attached to the wall.  They are extremely strong and can be removed without making any damage to your walls, which is way better than having a ton of holes in your walls!  I used 2 sets of strips for my smaller frames and 4 sets of strips for my bigger frames.  There are more specific instructions on the back of the package to help you use your hanging strips.
I used two 8×10 frames, two 5×7 frames, two 11×14 frames and one 4×6 frame.
Rather than using pictures in all of my frames, I applied a vinyl “e” (for our last name) I found at  The Wood Connection to the front of one of my frames.
If you are looking for more ideas to create your own gallery wall, check out these 12 Ways to Create a Gallery Wall from My Sisters’ Suitcase!

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