Must Have Gifts for Your Lego Fan

Being a family of all girls does not mean that we don’t LOVE Legos! My girls play with them for hours on end. These are some of our favorite items that make playing LEGOs so much easier!

Green Baseplate for Legos

We actually have a few of these. Each of my girl has their own so there is no fighting and they can make their own city out of it!


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

We have a few of these too! From wheels to lots of extra blocks, my girls can use their imagination by making all kinds of things!


lego3The Lego Ideas Book

This book is actually my husband’s favorite. He loves to play along with my kids and make creative things while he does. It is more for the older kids (or kids at heart) ha ha.



People Minifigures for Legos!

Figurines are a must when using your imagination! These ones are super cheap and and perfect for your lego fans!


lego 6
Lego Clean Up Mat

Have smaller kids playing with legos? Have them play on this mat and when you are done, just grab it and go! It makes clean up SO easy!


Fun Floor Mat – Perfect for Legos!

Every kid needs some sort of imagination mat! This fun floor mat can be used for legos, cars, trains – you name it!


3 in 1 Lego Creator Vehicles

If you have kids aged 5 and up, then these 3 in 1 Lego Creators are PERFECT for them! Lego has come out with many different kinds. They are easy make and gives you lots of options of what to make. This one is my husband’s favorite!



Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 6.15.50 AM
LEGO Cinch Bucket

Need a carrying case for all of your legos? This Cinch Bucket is so cute and makes clean up easier!

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