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When we first started our blog in 2011, we literally had no idea what we were doing.
Through trial and error and hours and hours of research, we have grown our blog into what it is today: millions of pageviews each month and a full-time income for each of the sisters, along with a handful of employees that help us behind the scenes. This little blog where we share our favorite family recipes has turned into a career – that we can do at home while still being home with our kids.

After blogging for a couple of years, we would receive 2-3 emails daily, asking us how to start a blog, how to grow a blog, and how to monetize a blog. We decided that we would start a small blog conference where we could teach people all that we know about blogging and social media.

Fast forward to today . . . our last blog conference in February 2015 was attended by over 700 people! People who had blogged for years and people who were interested in starting a blog; people who had a business that needed a blog to help their online presence and people who worked for companies that wanted to use social media to help them grow.

This year, we have turned the Build Your Blog Conference over to the people at The Blogger Network, as it has grown to such a large size and we needed to bring the professionals in to help us! We will still be speaking at the conference and sharing everything that we have learned, along with a couple of small group sessions to answer your questions and give you personal help.

Here are the details:

Location: Little America in Salt Lake City, UT
Dates: Friday, February 19 and Saturday, February 20, 2016
Time: Starts at 8 am on Friday and goes until Saturday night (there is even an extra day on Thursday if you are interested in more hands-on help and learning)
What you can expect: Classes geared towards learning how to start a blog, grow a blog, brand a blog, and monetize a blog, along with working with sponsors, using social media, email lists, new tools (like Periscope!), and much more. You will be able to network with hundreds of other people who are interested in blogging and social media, such as yourself, and also brands who want to work with bloggers and influencers. Click here for a glimpse at some of the classes that will be offered – there is a track for beginners, intermediates and even advanced bloggers.




If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]



Build Your Blog Conference 2016

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