Homemade Church Bag

So after seeing all of this stuff Camille has posted and how naughty Cam was at church on Sunday, I’ve decided Camden needs a fun church bag!  I found a tutorial here and it was so easy!  It took less than an hour!  I also added some lined pockets on the inside.  Now Cam has his own special bag!

I weighed this old church/diaper bag on my scale and it is about 11 pounds.  I won’t be missing it…that’s why it is in black and white 🙂

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4 Responses to “Homemade Church Bag”

  1. My church bag was killing me too! ...sorry about the naughty kids in church :( I have six kids. We finally had to move to two short pews and create a seating chart so I wouldn't have to pummle them in front of everyone ;) The whole "I'm trying to be like Jesus" gets thrown out the window when my boys are shooting rubberbands across the chapel...

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