Guest Post: Look Fab on a Budget with Pretty Life Anonymous!

We are so excited to introduce you to our friends over at The Pretty Life Anonymous! They have an amazing talent for putting together DARLING outfits at INCREDIBLE prices. We asked them to come over today and share some of their shopping secrets so that we can all look great on a budget.
Take it away, girls!

Hello Six Sister Friends!!

This is W from The Pretty Life Anonymous, a little blog my sister S and I write about all of the things we love. And what do we love most you ask? Great deals! {…I guess that’s not entirely true. We do love a good diet coke, and summertime, and The Bachelor and Dairy Queen Blizzards, but I digress….}

I will preface the forthcoming pictures with a little confession. Are you ready? Are you sitting? Gripping your mouse tightly? Prepare yourself. Here it is: S and I are deal fiends. Don’t believe me? Here is some major proof: S and I spent a combined total of under $200 on our wedding dresses. Yes. I said combined. As in we got 2 wedding dresses for under $200. How? It’s all about the redo. Finding the perfect pricey treasure and then searching the fashion world for its cheap counterpart. We are like the Carmen Sandiego’s of clothes, I tell ya.

In the case of our wedding dresses, we searched out what we wanted in the fancy-schmancy boutique’s and memorized every tiny detail and then we tracked down similar dresses at a fraction of their cost anywhere we could: Ebay, semi-sketchy online Asian retailers, it didn’t matter! And it paid off, because no one had any clue we had spent less on our dresses then people do on dinner in NYC and it was fabulous.

Our tips for finding the perfect deal? Here are our top 3:

1. Don’t be afraid to alter! Lots of times there will be super cheap things on sale that might be a little off, but cost less than the fabric would to make something. So don’t be afraid to get it, take it home and give it a little work over with your sewing machine until it is perfect!

2. Don’t be afraid of thrift stores and discount stores like ROSS or TJMaxx. These are the places to find the gems. Seriously. Just make sure to give yourself lots of time to dig and bring some hand sanitizer.

3. Practice!! A lot! And if your husband gets upset that you are shopping all the time, just tell him you are trying to perfect your talents, you know, like a sport. Like spring training for baseball, but more stylish and less sweating.

Ready for your first workout?
Here are a couple of outfit redo’s we came up with
to get your own bargain shopping juices brewin:

Now drop and give me twenty! And by twenty I mean dollars, and by drop I mean, spend it… maybe on a maxi dress or some sassy boots. Happy deal finding!

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