Felt Bow Hairbow Tutorial (and free printable template!)

I am 8 weeks away from delivering a baby girl . . . and I am one of those moms who loves to put little hairbows and headbands in my baby’s hair. I have seen a couple of felt bows floating around the Internet and decided to do my own take on them.
The best part of these bows is that no sewing is required- all you need is a glue gun! They also can be made in about 10 minutes (I love quick and easy projects!). So pull out some felt scraps, plug in your glue gun, and let’s get started!
Here is the template I made to make it SUPER easy for you to make these bows:
All finished! Now just repeat with other colors for some cute hair accessories.
You could attach an alligator clip or bobby pin to the back to put it in your hair . . .
Or you could attach to elastic for a darling little baby headband!
I just purchased this elastic at a craft store for about $1. It is 1/4″ wide and 3 yards long. I was able to make about 8 headbands with it.
As far as sizing for headbands, here are the measurements that I use: 
10″ for newborns
12″ for 0-3 months
14″ for 3-6 months
16″ for 6-9 months
18″ for 9-12 months
 Cut a small rectangle piece of felt that is not any longer or wider than your bow.
 Put a dot of glue on the back of your bow and place the two ends of the elastic on the glue dot.
 Take your little rectangle of felt and put a strip of glue on it.
 Place rectangle over the two ends of elastic to cover them up and hold in place until glue dries.

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13 Responses to “Felt Bow Hairbow Tutorial (and free printable template!)”

  1. This is such a fantastic idea! I really want to try it. I love hair accessories, and it would look lovely hanging from a bag, a purse, a jacket. I don't tend to be very daring or crafty but I will try this as soon as I can get my hands on some felt. As well as for my little girl! Do you think it would work with stiff fabric too?
  2. I started making some of these last night using your tutorial and I am in LOVE! These are SO easy, and SO cute! Thanks for posting this :). I actually have a blog (right now it's mostly just for friends and family, not a big deal) would you mind if I shared this tutorial on there? I know a lot of people with little girls who would just LOVE this!
    • Thank you so much! I am so glad that you liked them! Because of the problems and legalities we have run into in the past with people stealing our photos/templates, I just ask that you include the link to this post and send people over here to print off the template instead of posting our template or our pictures on your site. Thank you so much! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  3. what type of felt did you use? I know in my craft store, they have a soft wool felt and a more stiffer version but I am not sure the stiffer version will bend as easily...thank you for this tutorial by the way, it is so neat to be able to make these and save money!!

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