Disneyland’s Toy Story Midway Mania Secrets for High Scoring

We just returned from a family fun vacation to Disneyland.  We love the Toy Story Midway Mania Ride.  At the end of the ride you can see some of the top scores of the day and the highest score of the month. They are crazy high scores! Some as high as 500,000.  We try so hard to pull the string on the shooter as fast as we possibly can.  So we decided to play smarter, but we still don’t get above the 100,000’s!  Below is our best score, and we were pretty proud of it!  Then we saw what others are getting!


We knew we needed to do some research and find what the secrets are to scoring big!  So we are sharing our findings with you.  We can’t wait to go back to Disneyland and improve our score!!

Here are a few tips for starters:
Keep your arm loose and you’ll shoot faster and your arm will ache less.  Tensing up your arm is common when shooting so fast, but it will slow you down.

They offer a quick target practice with a “Pie Throw” game at the beginning of the ride.  You don’t get any points, so save your energy.  You’ll need it for scoring big points!

Some say you can score higher as a single rider.  The ride is so packed that they fill every seat.  But you could ride with younger kids.  Another competitive player knowing the secrets could actually lower your score, or maybe drive you to try even harder!  🙂  But in some instances, you can work together with your teammate to hit targets and score some big points!  You decide!!!

The 1st game is “Hamm and Eggs”
Toy Story Hamm and Eggs
In this game you launch plastic eggs at barnyard characters.  Focus on hitting the 500 point gophers near the bottom, and be sure to hit the fox on the hen house in the bottom corner.  Then shoot the chickens that come out of the house, they are worth 1000 and 2000 points.  Then aim for the 100 point pigs on the lower fence.  Once you pass that, shoot the cat that appears, it is worth 500 points.  Repeat the process and each time the cat point value will increase from 500 to 1000 to 2000.  Avoid wasting time shooting the ducks that are worth 100 points.  Some cows and pigs are only worth 100 points also.  Focus on hitting the cat target for huge scoring points.

The 2nd game is “Bo Peep’s Baaa-loon Pop”
Toy Story Bo Peep Balloon
With this game you want to hit the 500 point lambs at the bottom and the 1000 point lamb in the middle of the screen.  Hit the green and blue 100 point lambs, then higher point lamb balloons will appear.  The big secret for this game is to look for the 2 rain clouds.  Each cloud has 5 balloons.  Pop 4 balloons on one cloud, then move over and pop 4 balloons on the other cloud – leaving one balloon on each cloud.  Shoot the last remaining balloon on one cloud, and then quickly shoot the last balloon on the other cloud.  If you are quick, rainbow colored 2000 point balloons will begin to fall.  Go nuts and shoot as many of these high scoring balloons as possible.  Also you can shoot at the lower point flowers and they will release higher point bees.

The 3rd game is “Green Army Men Shoot Camp”
Toy Story Green Army Men
In this game you will be shooting baseballs to break plates.  Start by aiming for all of the higher point plates.  Eventually two 2000 point plates will pop up on each side of the horizon, be sure to hit them. You may need the help of your teammate. Then the front of the mountain will sink down and you will see an army tank.  Soon after that four 2000 point plates will pop up in succession on each side of the mountain.  They will drop down below the horizon if not hit.  Hit all eight 2000 point plates and a 5000 point plate that the tank will shoot out at you.  Then repeat the process as the tank throws out more plates at you.

The 4th game is “Buzz Lightyear’s Flying Tossers”
Toy Story Flying Tossers
In this game you are tossing rings.  You begin by shooting rings on the little green men in the rocket ship in the center of the screen.  When you ring them, it will pop down into the rocket ship.  Your goal is to get all of the little green men safely in the rocket ship so it can launch.  You have to work quickly.  If one of these tiny aliens pops back up, the rocket will not launch.  If you ring all of the aliens quickly, the rocket will launch and you will then see a Gigantobot.  You can get points by tossing rings into the Gigantobot’s mouth, but you can get bigger points if you ring the 1000 point rockets, planets, and jetpacks. Shoot at the rocket ships until the Gigantobot opens his mouth and is ready for you to open fire for big points.  5000 point aliens will also drop down from the top of the screen.  Gigantobot’s mouth will now open and will reveal 500 points.  Start shooting rings into his mouth and the point value will increase to 1000 points, and then 2000 points.  Shoot as fast as you can with these big points.

The 5th game is “Woody’s Rootin’ Tootin’ Shootin’ Gallery”

Toy Story Rootin Tootin Shootin

This game consists of shooting darts at the bullseyes.

 Clear the bullseyes in the center of the screen.  Then go after the gopher and the barrels.  When the 100 point bullseyes are gone, 500 and 1000 point bullseyes will appear on the buildings.  When they are cleared you will see 2000 point bullseyes near the bottom of the screen.
You will start to move sideways in your game car.  While moving, aim for the 500 and 1000 point bullseyes in the corner under the vulture’s tree.  Taking those out will reveal 2000 point bullseyes.  The snakes in the center will give you another 2000 points.  Also aim for the bullseyes at the bottom of the screen under the gophers for 500 and 1000 points.
The mine carts are the final stage of this game.  Try to hit all of the mine carts and 1000 point bats. Hit the mine carts again and a 5000 point bat should appear.  The carts start at 500 points.  When they are cleared it raises to 1000 points, then 2000 points, and even a few with 5000 points.
In “Woody’s Bonus Roundup” a 500 point bullseye will pop up.  Fire like crazy at this point, this is the big finale!!  The bullseye will increase in points the faster you shoot, increasing from 500 to 1000 to 2000 points.

Check out Disney Every Day and Studios Central for great Disney information and game details.

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