10 Beauty Products To Beat The Heat

The hardest part about summer is finding the balance between feeling beautiful, and feeling comfortable. The hot sun can take a toll on your makeup, hair, and skin. We’ve put together a list of our favorite beauty products to help you beat the heat this summer, so you can feel beautiful all season long!

These oil absorbing sheets are perfect when you are spending time outside in the sun. They work like a charm taking the excess oil off your face without removing all your makeup. There is a reason we listed these ones first! 😉

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, 8 Ounce

One of our biggest tips for this summer is embracing your natural beauty! Don’t shut down the idea just yet, this Texturizing Sea Salt Spray can transform your hair from limp and sweaty, to the “I just spent all day at the beach” waves we all want! Let your hair air dry with some of this miracle product spritzed in and you have yourself the perfect, no heat, summer hair!

Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara, Glam Black 240, 0.27 Fluid Ounce
This one may be a no brainer, but Waterproof Mascara can be your very best friend in the summer. Whether you’re swimming, or just going out into the hot sun, nothing burns more than getting mascara in your eye! This Maybelline Colossal Volume is our favorite mascara when it comes to waterproof. Best thing about it? You definitely don’t have to break the bank!

Bare Minerals Light Original Foundation SPF 15 0.28 oz
Now that your eyes are covered, it’s time to worry about the rest of your face! Finding a foundation that has SPF is extremely important! Liquid foundations can be sticky and absorb into your skin with all the heat. We LOVE bareMinerals and the fact that this powder sits on top of your skin, covering any imperfections, while protecting it with it’s SPF properties.

This Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioner will be your new best friend at the pool! The sun can dry out your hair, but so can the chlorine and ocean water! Putting some leave in can be your saving grace during those long days in the sun and water. It leaves your hair feeling smooth and hydrated instead of damaged and dry. We love this brand and we love the price!

We all want that sun kissed glow, but none of us want the negative effects the sun can have on our skin! We swear by these Self Tanning Towelettes from Loreal! They give you a flawless tan that lasts all week and dries super quickly! You don’t get the annoying streaks, the stains, or the fake orange color. Just pure sun-kissed looking skin without the damaging effects of the sun! You’re welcome! 🙂

As much as I appreciate the natural tint of sunburned lips, nothing is worse than the aftermath! I would recommend stocking up on this awesome SPF 30 Chapstick to avoid getting those annoying lip burns in the summer.

Shea Moisture Levender & Wild Orchid Body Scrub 12 Oz Tub
Body Scrub is a product that I feel gets overlooked a lot, especially in the summer! Whether you’re trying to get a little sun, using self tanners, or just wanting to have soft skin in the summer, Body Scrub is something you are definitely going to need. Exfoliating is so important in the summer! Soft skin equals healthy looking skin. These Shea Moisture products also smell amazing!

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 50+ Lotion, 3.0 Ounce

This really should be closer to the top because of how important it is! As fun as the sun can be, we need to make sure that we are protecting our skin. Overexposure to the suns rays can cause early aging, wrinkles, and skin cancer. We love this particular sunscreen because of how light it is! You feel almost as though you aren’t wearing any sunscreen, but can be assured that his SPF 50 is definitely doing it’s job!

Let’s be honest, no matter how much sunscreen you wear, how much you cover up, and how much you plain just avoid the sun, you are destined to get at least one sunburn this summer! Having Aloe on hand is just as important as providing the sunscreen! I love this After Sun Lotion for a few reasons, the first, because it’s not one of those gels that is seriously so cold when you put it on and then way sticky, and two, because it smells amazing! Within two days you forgot you even had a sunburn because it has healed up nicely, and if you’re lucky, it has left you with a nice tan. Don’t forget the Aloe!

Now that you’ve got your beach bag stocked with all the heat defying beauty products, you’re ready to hit the beach, looking as HOT as ever!


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