50 Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids

Summer’s just around the corner and we LOVE summer vacation, but we get a little worried about entertaining kids for all hours of the day. We want to encourage our kids to unplug and go enjoy the outdoors while the weather is so nice.

So, to help you avoid that summer burnout (and us, too!), we rounded up 50 Outdoor Summer Activities just for kids that would be perfect to chase the bored blues away and keep the kids from turning into couch potatoes over the summer.

Most of these fun summer activities can be done for free (or for pretty cheap). Just help the kids get set-up with these activities and then let their imaginations run wild.

You could even turn this list into a family summer bucket-list and check off activities as you do them. If you did one activity a day, it might get you through the middle of July. After that, you are on your own! 🙂

  1. Paint with frozen Paint
  2. Have a car wash
  3. Make homemade bird feeders
  4. Have a read-a-thon outside (maybe in the shade if it’s really hot!)
  5. Make ice cream in a bag 
  6. Play a game of drip, drip, SPLASH (think duck, duck, goose for summer!)
  7. Make a bike obstacle course or games
  8. Play with sidewalk chalk (check out these fun games!)
  9. Decorate your own Hula Hoops.
  10. Make a DIY Giant Jenga set
  11. Clothesline art show – have the kids make the art, pass our invitations, and make it happen!
  12. Make a PVC Pipe Sprinkler aka “Kid wash
  13. Play flashlight games (this is a great list!)
  14. Sidewalk chalk paint
  15. Paint the sidewalks with water.
  16. Play a game of Scatterball (a favorite for us growing up!)
  17. Go on a nature scavenger hunt (check out this cute printable)
  18. Make a quick and easy DIY sandbox
  19. Go on a bug hunt
  20. Have a neighborhood parade. Dress up like princesses or firemen, decorate your bikes and wagons, even throw candy if you want! Invite all the neighbors to come and watch (This one’s great for social distancing!)
  21. Have a spoon race
  22.  Buy some spray bottles and fill them with water for a water fight or add some washable paint to the bottles and spray large poster boards to make awesome art!
  23. Have some marble races
  24. Make a pirate map and hunt for treasure
  25. Wrap a piece of masking tape around each child’s wrist with the sticky side facing out. Go on a “Nature Walk” and collect items from nature (leaves, grass, small rocks, flowers, etc) and stick them on your masking tape “bracelet”. Come home and compare bracelets!
  26. Start a garden and let the kids do a planting, watering, and weeding.
  27. Make giant bubbles with a huge bubble wand
  28. Play frisbee tic tac toe
  29. Make a lemonade stand (or even a DOLE WHIP stand)
  30. Make a water balloon piñata
  31. Pool noodle outdoor games
  32. Ice block treasure hunt
  33. Play some outdoor glow stick games
  34. Make a sponge bullseye
  35. Paint with nature
  36. Paint rocks (check out this rock painting post for beginners)
  37. Find a local Farmer’s Market. Come home and prepare a meal with the food purchased from the market.
  38. DIY Outdoor Movie Night complete with concession stands and our favorite popcorn
  39. Make homemade popsicles and eat them on the lawn.
  40. Go park hopping (make a goal to play at a new park each week)
  41. Make textured leaf rubbings
  42. Play “parachute” with a large sheet or get one off Amazon (just like the ones in elementary school!).
  43. Have a banana split party- provide the bananas and ice cream and asks guests to bring their favorite topping to share with everyone else
  44. Make your own stomp rockets (or you can buy one here)
  45. Go on a photo scavenger hunt
  46. Play in a water table (see how to make your own here)
  47. Make your own kites and fly them
  48. Play classic outdoor games from your childhood (red rover, red-light green-light, mother may I, or kick the can)
  49. Have a s’more party (check out these fun s’more variations)
  50. Play cornhole (you can even learn how to make your own set)

Do you have any other fun or cheap summer activities for kids? Leave a comment below, we’d love to keep growing this list and give everyone more ideas.

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  1. Jeannie Jenkins
    Thanks for the ideas . I will try a few of these this summer . A fun thing for kids is " kick the can" home made ice cream . Need a large metal coffee can ...and a small metal coffee can with lids . Mix your ice cream recipe...pour into the small can. Place can inside the larger can ....pour ice cream salt around into the space iside of the large can . Have children sit across from each other and roll can back and forth untill ice cream is ready . You can also let them roll it back and forth with their feet while watching a movie or doing a craft . You may also add fruit to this ...
  2. Heather
    I am a 12 year old girl soon to be 13 on July 11th. I was trying to make a Summer Bucket List for 2015 for my brother, sister, cousins and me of course. I could not think of anything but camping, swimming, fishing and planting flowers. I google searched Fun Summer Activities and found this website. Thank - You for all of your helpful ideas that are not very expensive and I got my Summer Bucket List for 2015 almost done. Thank - you so much again I will be showing this website to all of my friends and family so that they have lots of ideas for any summers they don't have any ideas on what to do. - Heather Smith
  3. Jenjo Games
    What a great list of summer activities are shared here. Kids will really have a lot of fun time enjoying these for long hours. We play many different activities with kids on weekend. I think, it is important to spend some quality with our loved ones. Your blog has definitely given me many interesting activities to enjoy them with my kids. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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