20 Halloween Party Games

My Mom is the queen of Halloween! Every year she throws an amazing Halloween party that the kids and grown-ups all love! These are some of the games that we have played along with some others that we can’t wait to try!


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Greedy Ghosts Game

Greedy Ghosts Game

Decorate a Monster Pumpkin

Make Monster Pumpkins

Cauldron Toss

Halloween Don't Eat Pete Printable at thebensonstreet.com
Halloween Don’t Eat Pete Printable and Rules

Guess how many Candy Corns are in a jar.
(I always Loved this game!)


Pop Goes the Pumpkin! (I don’t think I would make it as big but I love this idea!)


Doughnuts on a String! We play this every Halloween but we use small doughnuts for the little kids

Pin the Face on the Pumpkin Game!

Make an Easy Spooky Pinata

Rolls of gray crepe paper
Mummy Wrap Game

Paper Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Mr Skeleton Relay! This game looks like fun!

 - Tom Mareschal/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Make Some Halloween Feel Boxes. My Grandpa used to do this every year! This list is a good one!

Balloon Pop! Tie a balloon to everyone’s ankle an with some ribbon and have them try and stomp on each other’s balloons with their feet. The last one with a balloon still filled is the winner! Remember no Hands! When playing with kids, I always have a prize for the winner and a treat for the kid who got out first.

Candy Corn Relay

Chalk Outline Games

Halloween Party Games for Adults - Photo: H. Armstrong Roberts / Getty Images
“Scary Halloween Ghost” Game

Pumpkin Bocce Ball

Pumpkin Races
Line some pumpkins at the top a hill or ramp and roll the pumpkins down. You can either do it one at a time and time it, or do it all together! Try and find round pumpkins and cut off their stems.

Halloween Scary Cartoon Witch
Pin the Wart on the Witch

Find the Pumpkin

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